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who are we? and what do we stand for?


We strongly believe in creating a fantastic customer experience. 

Its all too easy to throw money at a massive warehouse and neglect the whole experience. 

A long with having a state of the art facility, we want to amerce you in a great user experience. 

At the Gym


We create warm friendly environments, and have the best instructors in the area who have our culture of customer service ingrained within them.

From our website, to your first day in the gym and to keeping you happy, its is a tough process.  But we relish the chance to try and create a product thats so good our customers become our greatest advertisements

DJ Lights



Nowadays there is almost no reason to leave your house, but when we do we want to be WOWED.


We can find the low budget gyms sometimes lifeless. So when the time is right at FUSION, the lights drop and the music cranks up. When the lights go down you can expect anything from live DJs to live sax players. Whatever it is it will be fun.

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