fusion 2.0

Frequently asked questions

Do you have parking?

Yes we have parking, outisde the front of the building and we have a car park at the front of the estate. Free to all members or visitors. car parking Also all bootcamps have parking.

What are your opening hours?

24/7 365. We dont shut and we have 24/7 CCTV which is being watched at all times along with nightime secruity. S o you can train and feel secure whatever time you decide.

How do i get into the building if im a member?

Good question, we have implemented an access door. So every member now has an code to get in. Simply LOG INTO MEMBERS AREA and your pin is at the top. Or downlaod our app to access you're code or simple use our app to bluetooth in (i know clever) APPLE ANDROID If you get stuck call our contact our 24/7 supoort team below or call 07946660943

Is my membership contracted?

Nope we dont believe in contracts if you dont use the product, then login and cancel members area

Can I pause my membership?

Yes simply login to your account or our app and press memberships and pause. We don’t charge anything for this, we just have a minimum time of 2 weeks. So got a long holiday? we don’t expect you to pay!

Can I pay separate to do a fitness class?

Yes simply book on our website or downlaod our app and book. All members get a free trial session! APPLE ANDROID

How can i cancel my membership?

we've made it really easy to freeze. Please follow these steps. 1/ Login to the members area 2/ Select the rubbish symbol next to the membership deatails. 4/ Follow cancel instructions.... 4/ Thats it. If possible please leave feedback as we hate to see people leave, so your constructive feedback is essential to help us improve.

Im currently a member and cant wait for the new gym, do i have to do anything?

Nope nothing just turn up at the new facility and away you go....We cant wait to see you.

Where are you located?

Good question 32-34 Standard Way Fareham PO16 8XG (The old soccer city unit)

How do i get there from the old Fusion?

Check this video below

Im currently a member do i have to re join?

No nothing changes, just turn up to a slightly differenet location. We look forward to seeing you again soon.