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Bootcamp is back…

On the 27th March, making a long awaited return, our famous Hill Head bootcamps will be coming back. You’ve probably got 100’s of questions about this and we hope to answer them down below🌦

What are these famous Bootcamps?

Some of you may be thinking to yourself, “what an earth is Fusion Bootcamp?” “I’ve never heard of it before?”. Let me explain, Fusion Bootcamp is our signature outdoor fitness workout, ran right down by the beach. Throughout the sessions, we’ll be testing all areas of your fitness, through beach sprints, to heavy water cans. You can expect a fully kitted out bootcamp, with plenty of laughs (maybe not if it’s raining…). Regardless of the weather, the trainer will make sure you have an excellent 45 minute workout.

Where and when are they held?

We hold our bootcamps down at Hill Head beach, just past the sailing club (Salterns Rd, Fareham PO14 3LU). The car park is always free when the sessions are on, so you won’t have to worry about parking, as there’s plenty. We’ll be running 4 sessions per week, which are as follows:

Monday- Weights & Cardio 18.30-19.15

Wednesday - Body weight 18:30-19:15

Friday - Team building 06:10-07:00

Sunday - Freestyle 08:30-09:15

We aim to deliver high quality bootcamp sessions, where each bootcamp trainer will spend time between sessions ensuring that you, the customer, receives the best experience you can. Booking onto the sessions will follow the same path as you would for booking any of our session in the studio. Check out our timetable here to see what works for you.

We’ll look to run these until the dark mornings/evenings settle in, so there’s plenty of time for you to make the most of them. We only have the one location, so whether you’re Gosport, Fareham or wherever you’re coming from, we’ve got you covered!

What happens when it get too dark/ cold?

Towards Christmas, we bring our bootcamps back inside to our state of the art studio - check this out here. We run 40+ classes per week here, so you won’t be disappointed. We’ll do our best to make sure you love bootcamp enough to come try out our gym & studio.

See what the fuss is about

Take my money!!

By popular demand, we’re bringing back our ‘Bootcamp Only’ membership, which will give you access to these 4 sessions across the week, along with access to our private social media pages, recipes etc - all the good stuff. These can be paused or cancelled at any point during your time with us, giving you complete flexibility. We currently have 50 memberships at £19.99 - so don‘t miss out. You can grab that on our website.

If we haven’t convinced you enough to join already, we offer a 7 day, all access free trial, which allows you to try our gym, classes & bootcamp before you commit anything. Grab that here.

Lastly, from the team at FUSION, we wish to see you all down the beach soon💪🏼

Check out all BOOTCAMP FAQs

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