Frequently asked questions

Do you have parking?

Yes we have parking, check our 2 car parks avaliable to members Car park 1 Cark park 2 ( avaliable after 5.15pm) Also all bootcamp have parking.

What are your opening hours?


Is my membership contracted?

Nope we dont believe in contracts if you dont use the product, then login and cancel members area

Can I pause my membership?

Yes simply login to your account or our app and press memberships and pause. We don’t charge anything for this, we just have a minimum time of 2 weeks. So got a long holiday? we don’t expect you to pay!

Can I pay separate to do a fitness class?

Yes simply book on our website or downlaod our app and book. All members get a free trial session! APPLE ANDROID

How can i cancel my membership?

we've made it really easy to freeze. Please follow these steps. 1/ Login to the members area 2/ Select the rubbish symbol next to the membership deatails. 4/ Follow cancel instructions.... 4/ Thats it. If possible please leave feedback as we hate to see people leave, so your constructive feedback is essential to help us improve.

Have you got an updated timetable?/ are these classes for beginners?

Check our latest timetable out HERE And yes these classes are designed for complete begginers and can take it at your own pace.

Do i have to wear a mask?

No you dont need to wear a mask to train. However if you would like to and feel safer than by all means.

Im really nervous should i be?

You absolutlley don't need to be nervous. We have all abilities at the gym our bootcamps & inside classes. Our friendly welcoming gym and trainers will make you feel welcome and will encourgare you to do what you can. Even if you have to grab a sit down during a class that is absolutley fine. We have a wide selection of weights, cardio and alternative exercises you can do.

Im a member how do i get in the building?

How to get in?

Simply download our app if you havent already APPLE ANDROID Login in and you can either bluetooth in by pressing 1/Press the CHECK IN on the app and hold phone near reader. 2/ Enter access code into the key pad and # (Ensure you hear a beep each button)

Don't panic we have 24/7 customer service on our website if you get stuck CUSTOMER SERVICE

I have just joined as a gym only member, does this give me acess to the boxing studio?

Yes gym only members get access to our brand new studio as long as there is no class on. You can check our class timetable on the app or here Brand new studio

I cant find you?

We have a find us page HERE we even have a little video and a number to call if lost.