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The fitness event taking the industry by storm


Welcome to HYROX 


Are you ready to take your fitness journey to the next level? Look no further than HYROX, the ultimate fitness challenge that combines strength, endurance, and determination. HYROX is not just a workout – it's an experience that pushes your limits and transforms your body.

What is HYROX? HYROX is a unique fitness competition that brings together functional training and endurance racing. It's a challenging and dynamic event designed for individuals of all fitness levels. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a fitness enthusiast looking for a new and exciting challenge, HYROX is the perfect fit.

What to Expect in HYROX Classes:

  1. Variety of Exercises: Get ready for a diverse range of exercises that target different muscle groups. From functional movements like burpees and lunges to running and rowing, HYROX covers it all.

  2. Endurance Challenge: HYROX is not just about strength; it's about endurance. Classes will incorporate high-intensity intervals and cardio exercises to improve your cardiovascular fitness and stamina.

  3. Team Spirit: While HYROX is an individual challenge, the sense of community and teamwork is strong. Expect a supportive environment where everyone encourages each other to reach their personal best.

  4. Competition Format: HYROX follows a specific format with a set number of exercises and repetitions. Classes will guide you through this format, ensuring you are well-prepared for the actual HYROX event.

  5. Progress Tracking: Keep track of your progress and celebrate your achievements. HYROX classes provide an opportunity to set goals, track improvements, and see the positive changes in your fitness journey.

  6. Fun and Challenge: HYROX is challenging, but it's also a lot of fun. Expect an energetic atmosphere where you'll be motivated to push yourself harder than ever before.

Get ready to experience a workout like no other with HYROX classes at. Whether you're aiming to compete in a HYROX event or simply want to elevate your fitness game, these classes are designed to empower you on your journey to a stronger, fitter you. Lace up your shoes, bring your A-game, and let's conquer HYROX together!




A circuit concept like no other. A well structured workout designed for results.



These classes are designed for absolutely all abilities and workouts can be scaled to accommodate for injuries and all fitness levels.

High Jump



Fit Woman


Our dream team, have collaborated to form the most inspiring and results driven workouts.



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